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I will write for you

I am not HARD CORE but i do think alot... But i may not be interesting to you??

This is something i wrote

If it Hits the Spot... Its an Arrow to the Heart.

You know when you read an article, a book or even a journal entry and it just hits the spot; and you know exactly how that person feels? It can make you smile or cry, but altogether you feel relieved because they KNOW... Just like you do.

Life doesnt have enough of those moments. There always seems to be so much loneliness around... Ahhh, Yes. -Loneliness- that is truly the devils word; it is the only pain that feeds on and destroys our minds, the only infection we are born with. The need to share memories and hold hands. You cant deny it at all and in reality we need it...

 see because the truth is in our fear of loneliness we forget that when we have finally grasped the disease and found a way to make it fade... you'll find out. Your in love.

I guess what i mean by this is i want everyone see when you fall down and your broken...
the loneliness is only your first *even if difficult* to perfect happiness....

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